On recommendation I saw Michelle due to low back pain. Michelle was very professional and caring and very swiftly diagnosed the cause. The treatment was very gentle and pain free.

Within a few hours I became aware that my breathing had become a lot deeper since when the need for my inhaler has not been necessary. My blood pressure has been lowered and my sleep pattern vastly improved.

In the meantime I managed to sprain my ankle and pull the tendon but again with Michelle’s help the tendon has almost been restored.

I cannot thank Michelle enough and would certainly recommend her.

Lorna B, Hemel Hempstead

Michelle is an excellent Amatsu therapist. She listens to your needs as a client and focuses her treatments on where you would like to see improvements in your health and physically. She then does everything she can through the healing process to help you achieve your goals and of course some take longer than others to achieve because they are more complex in nature. With holistic therapy you have to find a therapy that works for you, and Michelle's Amatsu works for me.

Dr Janice Cook, Hertfordshire

I spend most of my day either driving to customers or sitting at a computer. I have had five Amatsu treatments over the last 18 months and each time I have had to adjust my driving mirrors as it has had such a dramatic and positive effect on my posture.

I have tried many therapies in the past but, for me, Amatsu has the greatest immediate effect and leaves me with a great feeling of well being which lasts long after the treatment session.

I have no hesitation in recommending Optimum Balance for Amatsu therapy.

Ray G. - Croxley Green, Herts

After injuring my lower back, I was in great pain, unable to stand up straight, walk correctly, or even sleep comfortably. Michelle literally 'straightened me out'. The treatment wasn't harsh; it didn't hurt at all. I was immediately able to stand up straight and move properly, without pain. Within a few days I was completely back to normal.

Lisa D. - Hemel Hempstead, Herts

I had problems with painful knees. When I visited Michelle, I had to hobble from the car to the house. After she treated me, I left, and it was only when I got back to the car that I realised that I wasn't hobbling anymore and that my knees weren't hurting.

Liz S. - Hemel Hempstead, Herts

I just find it such a fascinating and effective therapy.

Mrs H.S. (Homeopath) - St Albans, Herts

To book an appointment, please phone Michelle on 07814 67 88 34     (UK mobile number)